What is Trustjacking and How to Stay Protected

by Tashina

Do you ever connect your phone to the computer and get a notification that asks you whether you trust the device or not? Many of us may blindly click on trust. The moment you click this button, it is possible for hackers to abuse your mobile security.

What is Trustjacking?

Trustjacking is a bug present in the iOS Wi-Fi sync function. Hackers exploit this bug to gain access to a device. Whether you have an I-phone, I-pad, or any other iOS device, you are potentially under threat of Trustjacking. Password protection doesn’t aid in preventing this issue.

Does Location Matter?

A common misconception amongst people is that Trustjacking does not operate on remote access. However, once you show complete trust on a computer for your device, whenever you connect your device, it is under threat. There is no need for the hacker and victim to be in the same place.

Methods to Prevent Trustjacking

If you want to ensure mobile security then follow the steps below:

Revoke Access to Trusted Computers

Trustjacking attack works on the link that you establish between your computer and mobile phone. If you break this link by revoking access to computers then you are safe. There are four essential steps to follow:

  1. Open settings
  2. Go to general > reset
  3. Open reset location and privacy
  4. Enter your password and confirm

Encrypt Backups

Even if a hacker gets past your mobile security, you can protect your data by encryption. The encryption feature of the iPhone is very effective. Thus, even if a hacker snoops on your phone, they can never decrypt your data. To encrypt your data, follow these steps:

  1. Connect your phone
  2. Open iTunes
  3. Choose encrypt iPhone
  4. Utilise a strong password

Avoid Unnecessary ‘Trust’

If you want to connect your device to a computer or laptop for charging, there is no need to click ‘trust.’ A mobile device can charge without giving access to the computer. You only need a trust relationship with the computer for data exchange.
Many people have become victims of Trustjacking. Hence, whenever you connect your iOS device to a laptop or computer, make sure you take precautions.

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