5 Reasons Why Software Updates and Patches are Important

by Tashina

Do you ever come across notifications and pop-ups asking you to update your software? I am sure you do. Most people try to avoid these updates and postpone them. However, once you realize how essential these updates are to prevent cyber threats, you won’t ignore them.

How They Help Against Cyber Threats

Software updates bring in a lot of benefits. Some of the advantages of software update and patches are as follows:

1. Overcome Security Flaws

Software vulnerabilities or security flaws are the greatest cyber threats. A loophole in your security can lead to malware that allows hackers to intercept your data. You do not realize that you can infect your device with simple actions like opening the wrong link, downloading infected music, or viewing a rouge link. Software updates provide you with a security patch that covers the security flaw in your device.

2. Protect Your Essential Data

Our devices contain several of our personal information. It is vital to keep this information safe from cyber threats and attacks. If a hacker gets hold of your data, he can use it to commit a crime in your name or sell it on the dark web. Even if a hacker steals your simple information like email or bank account information, you can be in great trouble. Software updates and patches play a key role in keeping hackers away from your system.

3. Add New Reliable Features

Software updates are not only about keeping your device safe from cyber threats. You can get many more advantages from it, such as reliable new features. Furthermore, the previous features of your device get an update. Problems like instability or crashing of an application are overcome with software patches.

4. Viral Malware

Malware does not only destroy your device, but it can transfer to your friend’s or family’s devices as well. If you connect a mobile phone to your laptop while there is a virus in your laptop, the virus will transfer to the mobile. Thus, by updating your software and keeping the latest patches you ensure the safety of other devices as well.

5. Better Performance

You can see a boost in the performance of your device after you update the software. Mostly, a security patch sets some of the internal memory free. Therefore, with a lighter load on your device, the device functions more efficiently.


Whether you use devices for your personal use or business needs, you must update your software. By doing so, you eradicate chances of cyber threats.
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