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Penetration Testing Services

We help UK businesses identify security risks and vulnerabilities through various forms of penetration testing.

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Penetration Testing Services

We ensure each client receives a personalised service that includes aftercare for any future queries they may have regarding their cyber security needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do i need a penetration test?

In a constantly evolving technological age we are placing ever more valuable information assets online. To avoid reputational/financial damage, companies must ensure that their assets are protected from threat actors.

We provide a thorough assessment that aims to find all potential avenues an attacker may utilise to gain unauthorised access to a system, we then produce a concise report that enables our client to fix any outstanding issues.

We have a regular penetration test provider, why should we change?

It is beneficial for companies to cycle their penetration testing services to ensure they are not only getting the service they deserve, but also benefiting from a fresh approach and unique set of eyes.

How often should we have a penetration test?

This is a question that depends on many factors such as how large the environment, budget factors and
the frequency for which environmental changes are made. As a general rule of thumb, an organisation should ensure that penetration tests are carried out annually at a minimum or when functional changes are made to the environment.

Would I need a penetration test if my data is stored in the cloud?

While there may be a certain level of assurance from the networking side when using a Platform As a Service (PAAS) environment, this would not apply for any applications using the environment. Software, particularly when bespoke can pose many critical vulnerabilities when left untested.

Why Choose Us

Proven Methodology

Aardwolf Security conducts security assessments using the OWASP methodology to ensure the highest industry standards are adhered to.

Competitive Pricing

We can offer far better quotes compared to some of our competitors as we keep overheads low to help ensure the savings are passed on to our customers.

Personalised Care

We ensure each client receives a personalised service including aftercare for any future queries they may have regarding their cyber security needs.

Process Automation

We help save time for our clients by partially automating the scoping process, this ensures a fast turnaround time when responding to quotations.

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