The Advantages of Packet Sniffing

by Tashina

A packet sniffer monitors network traffic, hence it is also known as a network analyzer. These sniffers work by examining the streams of a data packet that flow between networks. These packet sniffers are applicable on both wireless and wired networks. However, their efficiency depends on how much they can see through the network security protocols.
There are several advantages of using packet sniffers for network security and efficiency.

Determine the root cause of the problem

Whether you have a large business or growing your small business, network issues can derail your performance. Thus, to determine the root cause of network issues, it is vital to use packet sniffers. They will collect all the information from across your traffic and evaluate your network paths. Therefore, it will pinpoint the root of poor user experience.

Examine the slowdown of the system

Sometimes, users experience a slowdown of a system, and in such times, packet sniffing will help you dig deep into the problem. It measures the network response time, which is also known as network latency. Thus, it will determine the time required for specific information to travel from the sender to the receiver. Packet sniffing can identify the affected applications so that administrators can fix the problem.

Analyze traffic by type

It is paramount to have a firm grasp over the traffic of your network. When packet sniffers are categorized into types based on destination served IP addresses,  you can manage your traffic volume for each type. Thus, you can identify the non-business traffic and minimize it or eliminate it from your traffic.

Improve bandwidth

Business growth is at stake if users complain of slow internet or if your network is entirely down. The key to set back on track is to understand where your network bandwidth is used. A Wi-Fi packet sniffer can retrieve performance and monitor your network security. Hence, you can detect potential issues and resolve the downtime.

Enhance security

A packet sniffer can identify if there is an unusual spike in your network traffic. It can indicate if some intruder is trying to apply for illegal communication or transfer a large amount of data. Thus, it provides you with network security and minimizes cybercriminal work.


Packet sniffing is an effective and efficient tool to resolve and debug network problems. It is vital if administrators use packet sniffers to outgrow their business with enhanced network security and minimal errors.

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