Penetration Testing in the Cloud – Things to Consider

by Tashina

If you have moved your data to the cloud, you still have the responsibility to secure it. Penetration testing is still as much important on cloud as it is in an on-premise environment. In a hybrid environment where some data is on the cloud while some is locally stored, you still have to assess security. If your organization is storing sensitive financial or medical customer data, you are not only responsible for protecting it but also ensuring that your cloud service provider also follows the desired protocol.

Cloud Penetration Testing Challenges

Due to geographical and legal issues it was hard in the past to test cloud based applications and infrastructure. Security professionals were not allowed to carry penetration tests without permission of cloud service providers. But the increasing number of cyber-attacks in the cloud has paved the way for penetration testing in cloud computing.
Organizations now outsource their penetration tests to security consultancies to test their cloud environment under controlled circumstances. However, it is important to remember that cloud security is a shared responsibility.

Executing a Pentest on Cloud Environment

Getting the services of a professional penetration testing consultancy is always the best choice for carrying out your cloud testing successfully.
Here is what they can help you with:

Understanding the Cloud Service Provider Policies

Public cloud providers have certain policies regarding penetration testing. In most cases, you have to notify them that you want to carry out a pentest. The cloud provider grants permission on what you are allowed to do during the process.
Failing to follow their recommendations may lead to your penetration test looking like a DDoS attack. It might even shut your account down.

Creating a Penetration Testing Plan

Make a plan for carrying out your cloud pen test. The pen-testing team should agree upon the plan and follow each part of plan. Your plan must cover applications, network and data access, virtualization, compliance, automation and approach towards carrying out the test.

Selecting Pen-Testing Tools

Pen-testing of cloud-based applications with on-premise tools is a common approach. But now there are better and more affordable cloud-based tools available. It’s a cloud testing a cloud environment and can simulate a real attack.
Penetration testing is no more an option but rather an obligation. It helps businesses prove that their customer’s data is secure on cloud-based applications. If you are concerned about your organization’s cloud data, hire the services of our team of experienced and professional penetration testers today.

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