Firewall Security Best Practices

by Tashina

A firewall protects a network in general from malicious traffic by acting as the first respondent. Firewall security helps you keep an eye on incoming data packets and block unwanted traffic based on a defined set of rules.

A firewall also prevents outgoing traffic from accessing bad nodes and sites. It can be installed as a software program, which is usually a preferred method for individual devices. Or, you can utilise it as hardware to secure the network.

Best Practice Firewall Rules

The first and foremost step in ensuring firewall security is to know the information you need to protect, and the threats to it. For example, you would need to have a different set of rules to block one service but allow another from a defined set of IP addresses.

Firewall Monitoring and Management

Keep an eye on security protocols for your firewall to ensure enhanced firewall security. This is important due to the continuous evolution of threats. A firewall can make recommendations on basic rules. However, it is important to create and manage Access Control Lists (ACLs) periodically.

What Are Firewall Standards

Firewall Security rules need to be reviewed and updated based on laws set by the companies security policies. This can help with understanding and avoiding unknown threats to your system. Thus, it is specially important for organisations that handle sensitive data, for example, banks to regularly review standards.

Find Firewall Loopholes

Backdoors can create a major loophole in a firewall security hence making it vulnerable. Therefore, it is particularly important to ensure regular testing. Record and manage logs of all updates for a periodic review. Furthermore, it is also important to ensure the firmware utilises the latest supported version. Documenting small updates and tracking the known threats is a vital part of firewall security.

In conclusion, a firewall is your first line of defence against any threat you might face in the virtual world. Therefore, it is important to understand how to take full advantage of the available features. It is important to not only set up firewall security of your network but regular review and monitor the rule sets.

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